By the end of this program you will be:

  • A writer with a completed book manuscript (yes, even if you are starting with a blank page)

  • A self-published author

  • Making royalties from your book. YES! 

But you need support and accountability. That's where I come in.

With a coach in your corner and a community cheering you on, everything is easier and more fun.

I'm going to help you become the published writer you've been visualizing, fast track your author dream life, and provide the accountability and support you need to do this.

I took my 7+ years of experience coaching writers, added what I've learned these past few years about self-publishing with Amazon and becoming a best seller, and created my dream coaching program. This is what I wish I could've signed up for before I wrote and published my first book. The process would've felt more certain, more fun, and less lonely. It's all about "support from your court" -- surrounding yourself with people who lift you up and believe in you.

This program includes:

  • 6 one-on-one coaching sessions with me over the phone (55 minutes each.) [VALUE -- $199 EACH FOR A TOTAL OF $1194]
  • 7 master class workshops (each 30-90 minutes) covering such topics as writing, self-publishing, creative living, and making money from your creativity. [VALUE -- $199 EACH FOR A TOTAL OF $1393]
  • Unlimited email and text access to me for the length of our time working together. [PRICELESS -- BUT VALUED AT $997]
  • Sticking with you for 6 months or longer as needed so that you get the support and accountability you need to write, polish, and publish your book at the highest level possible.  [POTENTIAL VALUE -- THE SKY IS THE LIMIT]
  • My unique "work with you until you succeed" offer -- I work with you until you earn, in royalties and book-related income, what you paid for this program. Yes, even if it takes the rest of my life (which it won't!). [VALUE -- PRICELESS]


Plus, I'm throwing in a valuable bonus at no additional cost:


12 months membership to my exclusive Facebook group for members only - you'll be part of a community of committed and supportive authors [VALUE $39/MONTH EACH FOR A TOTAL OF $468]

$3584 is an amazingly low price for everything you get. Especially when compared to the cost of other writing and publishing programs. For example, the average MFA at a public university is $30,000 with little, if any support for the "real world" work of becoming a published and paid author.

However, I really want this to be accessible to all writers -- even those whose budgets don't allow that much -- so the current price for a limited time is:


Questions? Email me at and we'll set up a free discovery session over the phone. We'll talk about your book idea or project and where you are with your writing.

If we work together in this program, I can provide support for you to:

  • Nurture your book idea and make sure it's the book that most lights you up to write and share with the world
  • Set up a schedule to write and finish your book (a flexible one because life happens)
  • Start building your audience even before your book is finished (people who will become fans of your work and eager to read everything you write)
  • Start planning for a launch that has the best chance of making your book an Amazon best seller

While I don't offer refunds on programs that include 1:1 coaching like this one, I offer something even better. I will work with you until you earn, from your book royalties, bounties, and book-related income, the amount that you paid to enter AUTHOR DREAM LIFE NOW. Once your royalties have covered what you paid for this program, it will likely mean your books are making you regular monthly royalties (that passive, location-independent income that will keep coming in as long as you do a few key things to keep it flowing). WIN!

Email Genevieve to book a complimentary discovery call to learn more about coaching.