Boring indoor workouts because you are old? No, I don't think so!

So I was watching TV and an infomercial came on for a workout video. The woman selling it said something like "As a woman approaching age 50 I wanted a workout that was low-impact, that doesn't pound on my joints."

And she goes on to explain how this indoor TV workout was low-impact and could help her get into shape. It was this boring-looking workout where you stand in one place in your living room and sort of flail your limbs around -- not even dancing -- but sort of like dancing without the grace and breath work. Basically soft-land aerobics for Baby Boomers.

Ug. This makes me sad and a little mad that people think because you are "older" you have to do a boring workout to save your joints. That you have to workout inside. That you have to work out while watching a screen -- something most Americans already do hours of every day.

Hello. It is never interesting to workout inside to a DVD unless you have a CONSTANT, EVER-CHANGING stream of workout DVDs. Which is expensive, wasteful, and is basically the business model of a large fitness company that shall go unnamed for the time being. Also, don't you want to leave your living room once in a while?

There's a simple workout that gets you outside, that is low impact, and that dramatically increases your mobility, cardio fitness, balance, and strength. It's ideal for men and women who don't want the pounding on their joints that comes with many exercise activities. What's more, it's fun for all ages.

This workout helps you:

  • Get your vitamin D
  • Experience nature
  • Save your joints

It's called riding a bike. But not an old-fashioned bicycle. A new bicycle designed to be easy on the joints, pain-free, and made for joy cycling: A Cruzbike.

On Cruzbike: I sell very few products (I'm a minimalist after all) but Cruzbikes are one of those things set to change the world.  It take these things to change the world:

  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Partnership
  • Gratitude
  • Confidence

Especially if you want to change the world while feeling joyful and whole. And Cruzbike as a company has applied all of the above and more. 

Remember this today: With gratitude, you can create beyond what you can imagine.

Cruzbike's Kickstarter Campaign raising over $100,000 in 48 hours was beyond what I imagined. And we are still raising money to change the world through pain-free cycling. I went for a bike ride yesterday on my Cruzbike T50 (production model) and it was such a pleasure to ride. Never before has exercise been so fun and so helpful in terms of meeting my many other goals. I explored our new town, got my vitamin D/sunshine dose, rode to a coffee shop and got some work done, and visited a nail salon. Oh, and I got a workout in that burned calories and made my muscles lean and strong. Each time I ride I feel stronger and healthier. I make better choices about how I treat my body including what I eat.

It's not every day something comes along that can so clearly help you be #simplyhealthy. It's so important to discover what is essential for you to be healthy and feel whole and content. For me, finding a low-impact, fun, easy, healthy workout that doubles as a way to run errands, sunbathe, and explore new places? Amazing. It's like checking off my whole to-do list with one bike.

You're invited to check out the Cruzbike T50 Kickstarter campaign here. Go ahead and join the #Cruzbiketribe. We'd love to have you!