The Real Packing List

To: The Middle EastTrip Duration: Two Years

The packing situation for this trip was exceptional because we plan to be abroad for at least two years. Our home apartment in the West Bank will be our home base from which we will travel to Turkey, Greece, Egypt, and more.Since Prince Charming's company paid for the cost of shipping, we had three boxes sent our ahead of time. Well, those boxes are still sitting in customs. No matter, we'll get them sometime. Nothing in there was vital, mostly books and a few things to make our home more comfortable for us. The important point is that we didn't have to have those boxes sent. We sold and gave away most of our stuff before we left California, and we probably would've gotten rid of everything if the organization hadn't paid for us to bring a few boxes over.

So this list, which leaves out those non-essential in the boxes, is what I brought with me on the plane, the Real Packing List. (Not what I affectionately refer to as the Travel the World Indefinitely Packing List, which is even more minimal and is aspirational for me at this point).

First, a photo of almost everything (except for what I mention below) that went into two checked bags:

The Real List

    • One long, multicolored skirt.
    • Black skirt, knee length, classic
    • Black skirt, calf length, vintage silk lace
    • Reversible quick-drying work-out & yoga pants
    • Multi-colored dress, knee length
    • Black jacket, heavy cotton blend, double breasted style
    • Pink and grey workout jacket, quick drying, sporty
    • Grey cardigan, long, basic
    • Tan sweater, cropped
    • Black cardigan, short sleeved, flowy
    • Blue silk scarf, Mozart print
    • Pink umbrella, travel size
    • Ivory tee, v-neck
    • Black tank
    • Tan tank
    • Black tee, scoop neck
    • White hat, wide brimmed
    • Black hat, ball cap
    • Regular bra
    • Strapless bra
    • Lingerie
    • 12 pairs knickers
    • Two bikinis, interchangable colors, bikini bottoms double as knickers
    • 5-7 pairs socks
    • Black belt, skinny, woven
    • Tan and black belt, wide
    • Sunglasses
    • Gold flip flops
    • Silver heels
    • Red hand bag
    • Two neck stashes (one I'm bringing to my prince)
    • Two blank journals
    • Clothes drying cords, Rick Steves brand
    • Assorted kitchen-ware for my prince
    • Tape
    • Scissors
    • Pens
    • Pencils
    • Checkbooks
    • Small flashlight
    • Camera lens cover (bringing for my prince)
    • Assorted CD's (mostly for learning Arabic)
    • Camera
    • Video camera
    • Assorted cables for: phone, Kindle, camera
    • Batteries
    • Plug adaptors
    • Assorted jewelry
    • Assorted hair accessories
    • Pantiliners
    • Lunette (way better than pads or tampons in so many ways, ladies)
    • Small microfiber towel
    • Two nighties
    • Blue robe, vintage silk
    • Assorted toiletries: makeup, wet wipes, skincare, sexessories, etc.

And this is what I kept out until the last minute (plane outfit, workout clothes and shoes) and the things that went in my carry-on:

After my last workout before getting on the plane, I put these items into my checked bags:

  • Running/hiking shoes
  • sports bra (doubles as bikini top)
  • Black & white tank top, halter, quick-drying fabric
  • Black shorts, quick drying fabric
  • Mesh bag for dirty laundry
  • Laptop and charger
  • Mousepad
  • Mouse
  • Phone & Charger
  • Razor
  • Yellow pad of paper

Then there's what I wore on the plane:

  • Red tank with shelf bra
  • Red and white striped t-shirt, flowy scoop neck
  • turquoise necklace
  • Dark rinse jeans, wide-leg high-waist trouser style
  • Black and tan ballet flats

All that's left to list is what I carried on with me:

  • Travel documents (passport, forms, etc)
  • Wallet with cash, CA drivers license, debit cards, coins
  • Black Moleskine journal
  • Kindle
  • Cell phone
  • Cell phone charger
  • toothbrush
  • small makeup kit
  • toothpaste
  • hand moisterizer
  • comb
  • one pair of socks
  • extra pair of knickers
  • My prince's old sweater-shirt for warmth and snuggling

And that concludes the real list!