Pack With Style

Your Basic Wardrobe

This is a basic wardrobe list whether you are packing to travel the world, or staying where you are and simply updating your classic minimalist closet. .I created this list for people with a stylish bent, not for those who don't care how they look. It is aimed toward women, but men may get helpful hints out of it and can adjust it for their needs.It won't work in extremely cold weather, but it's great for everything else.

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  • Little Black Skirt
  • Little Black Tank

Together, they create an LBD look

  • Trench Coat - great for wearing with the above LBD look. The classic trench coat is not meant to handle rain, but if you can get one that doubles as a rain coat, all the better.
  • Cream V-neck Tee
  • Classic Button up shirt - white is the standard color, but you can also pick any solid neutral color that flatters you: think grey, tan, gold, cream, etc.  Pick a color that looks nice with your trench coat, as the trench and the collared button-up are a classic combo.
  • Medium or Dark rinse jeans that make you look and feel great. Keep embellishments and trendy details to minimum.
  • Jacket - Probably in black. find one that emphasizes your waist and makes you feel amazing. Style can be lapel, tuxedo, double-breasted, mandarin collar, whatever style suits you. I have a light black jacket in thick cotton. I can roll up the sleeve a little for a warmer day.
  • "Business in the front, Party every where else" top - this is a top that can look modest in the front for wearing with a jacket in conservative parts of the world. It doubles as a cute flattering top for going out without the jacket. Maybe a silky backless halter top, a tee with cut outs, or an embellished tank?
  • Black cotton yoga pants - for lounging and sleeping in - and doing yoga after a long day of tourism.
  • Soft tee for sleeping. PJ preferences vary widely, but bring something super soft and comfy that is reserved for bedtime.
  •  Soft, long sleeved, high neckline shirt. For wearing in the cold or conservative religious areas.

I recommend one  of the following, depending on your destination:

  • Long, comfy skirt that goes with everything. - better in conservative places.
  • Day dress - a super comfy mini dress, probably in cotton, that is easy to throw on for shopping, hitting the beach, or touring on a hot day. Can be worn with heels and jewelry for a night out. Ideally, it goes with your jacket and your trench coat. This is better for destinations where it is acceptable for women to show their legs.

If you are a runner or like to exercise, add:

  • Long pants for running (shorts are not frequently seen in many parts of the world)
  • Sports bra
  • Running shoes
  • Quick drying tank or tee.


  • Scarf - in almost any color or pattern. It should look good next to your face. Since most of your clothes are neutral tones, almost any kind of scarf should go. I like a pretty big scarf for doubling as a swimsuit cover up.
  • Swim suits - two. Interchangeable bikinis are my favorite.
  • Jewelry - I like to bring inexpensive, colorful statement jewelry, plus a couple of special delicate things that add a little shimmer.
  • Cap - keep your heat in your head on those cold nights. Consider a sunhat for desert and beach locations.
  • Big sunglasses - big, dark sunglasses are a great for so many reasons. They protect your eyes, and the skin on your face from wrinkles and sun damage. They provide privacy from staring eyes in parts of the world where ladies that look like you are a rare sight.
  • Optional for rainy locations: Umbrella or rain poncho.

Foundation Wear

  • 1 black bra
  • 1 skin-toned bra
  • As many pairs of clean socks as you want. (This is a personal pet peeve of me and Prince Charming's we both like to have clean, dry socks to change into anytime. If your feet are happy, the rest of you is happy.)
  • 1 black thong
  • 1 skin toned thong
  • 1 black underwear
  • 1 skin-toned underwear

Get your underwear in in quick-drying material (hanky panky is the is the best brand - quick drying, long-lasting, and very comfortable). I recommend thongs because they dry even faster (overnight) and you can do a quick sink wash and have clean, dry knickers in the morning.


Ah, shoes. I love pretty shoes, but pretty and good for travel rarely go together. So it's always a source of fun to meet the challenge of finding a shoe that can do so many things.If you are a runner, you must bring running shoes. Running shoes usually take up the most space in my bag. My running shoes are good for hiking, too.For non-runners, or people whose main exercise will be walking around as  a tourist (which is very good exercise), I recommend:

1. One pair of calf high or knee high boots (for walking in cool weather). You should be able to wear them  with a skirt, dress, or jeans. No heel for comfort (unless you are one of those rare people who can do everything in heels - in which case, go ahead!)

2. One pair of beach-appropriate sandals - I have a pair of gold flip flops that I feel comfortable walking around a city in, and also getting wet and sandy on the beach. A better option would probably be something that stays closer to my foot (to keep rocks and dirt further from my feet). Something like a gladiator sandal or Birkenstocks or Tivvas. However, I haven't been able to find anything that has met my aesthetic sensibilities as well as my gold flip flops.

3. One pair of going out shoes. You'll be able to go out at night to casual venues in any of your shoes (except your running shoes) but optionally, pack a special pair with a heel. Anything you want.


  • Classic black heels
  • Eye-catching Red heels
  • Strappy gold heels
  • Turqoise Peep-toes with a kitten-heel
  • Espadrilles (a super summery option)

4. One pair of cute walking shoes. I saved the most challenging for last. My style-friendly pick would be a sturdy ballet flat.  Make sure there is a good buffer between your soles and the hard, rocky street.

Other  options:

  •  a classic sneaker, from Converse or Puma, for example.
  •  A flat, lace up ankle boot.
  • Comfy leather sandals.
  • Peep-toe flats (especially in a hot climate).

For versatility, this shoe should look good with a skirt, dress, and jeans. Your choice will depend on your body type and personal style.

I hope this helps you have fun with fashion while having a light bag.