Dance of the Spring Moon

1dance Prince Charming, Bump and I visited our first powwow as a family on May 3, which, not coincidentally, was a full moon.

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The Dance of the Spring Moon is a well-known event hosted by the Lumbee Tribe here in the Robeson County, NC area. In an article about the powwow in the local paper, The Robesonian, an attendee said that he heard that this event was well known in the Native American community for having the best drummers.

The annual Spring event would be a great one for visitors to the area to attend any year. The environment is friendly and educational and all are welcome to enjoy the atmosphere and learn about the various ceremonial dances and traditions of the Native American Tribes who attend.

Here you can see the Jingle Dress worn for the Women's Jingle, a dance originating among the tribes of Canada, according to the program.