Union Market DC, a Foodie Oasis in a Forlorn Area

pickles Obviously, someone has a plan.

The renewed Union Market in DC is the beginning of a plan to revitalize the surrounding historic area, a thriving market for most of the 1900's, fallen since the 1980's into a state of sad dilapidation.

It's the sparkling, almost-trying-too-hard-to be-cool center of an area filled with falling down warehouses, their alleys perfumed with urine. The site, UnionMarketDC.com says the plan is that the area "surrounding the market will be a vibrant mix of retail, restaurants, hotel, entertainment, incubator space for new food concepts as well as retail and wholesale space."

It hasn't happened yet, though that didn't stop us from pushing the baby stroller through rather pedestrian-unfriendly streets to enjoy the delicious offerings of the restaurants and shops inside on two occasions  - once in August and once in September.


IMG_9707 IMG_9719

IMG_9712 IMG_9713 IMG_9706 IMG_9722

All the beautiful food inspired a brief but shining period that had me baking bread daily for almost a week and enjoying it like this:


That looks good. Maybe I'll bake bread today. It's been a while.