Book Cover Reveal, Plus a Location Update

I'm thrilled to post my beautiful new book cover for my upcoming book THE WEALTHY CREATIVE: 24 SUCCESSFUL ARTISTS AND WRITERS SHARE THEIR WINNING HABITS.

But first, I'll share a family location update. This is what I posted to social media yesterday (in case you missed it):


"So, we moved to the Middle East. Again. Yes, this pic is a metaphor of how I feel with my baby living in the diplomatic blocks between the Israelis and Palestinians. But it's also what actually happened today. Because not far from the dormant conflict zone where we now live there's this great zoo, and it was a beautiful day, and we bought the annual family membership and got to see 🐅 . 
So, we'll be taking breaks from this political seam to spend time with the animals and ecology experts at this little oasis of zoology. 
My plans also include continued study of and writing about my own species. Next book: soft launch/hard launch September 30/October 3rd."

Book Cover Reveal

My book cover was designed by my sister-in-law Morgan Parker, who, on top of being a gifted graphic artist, also just launched a company: Powerhouse, a botanic distillery ( Her products will help you love your skin. Check them out if you are into plant-powered handcrafted skincare sorcery.  But back to my cover reveal.  Here is it is! Squeaking with excitement over here:

Book Cover small.JPG

Isn't it beautiful! I love the cut-out letters.  I can't wait to soft launch in just five days!


Speaking of launch, allow me to invite you to be part of it.  You can join my launch team! Launch team members will get a free copy of THE WEALTHY CREATIVE in either Kindle format (which you can read on any device with the free Kindle app) OR the Audible audio book version when it comes out (later). In exchange I ask that you post a review of the book on either the Amazon or Audible website. Of course, you can also do anything else you'd like to help the book find an audience, like share the link with your friends and family and talk with all your coworkers about how they just have to read this book and post a selfie on Instagram where your e-reader is open to the cover page and you are smiling and drinking a pumpkin spice latte/merlot/vodka martini. Extra points if you are also in the bath, but please be careful with electronics around water.

Launch team members will also be thanked by name in the book. But! You have to join the launch team by THIS Thursday (September 28, 2017) to be part of the launch team and get your free book. All you have to do is sign up here with your name and email address, and fill out which format of the book you'd prefer to get for free. 

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If you select Kindle, you'll get your free book sooner. If you select Audible, you'll have to wait a little longer :)