Wealthy Writers Mastermind

Feel the love. A supportive tribe of kind writers who mean business is one of the keys to writing and publishing success. This is where you find online community with authors as committed as you are.

Every writer needs community with real writers who care. Our online community mastermind hosted on Facebook is exclusively for those who are passionate about writing, publishing, and partnering to support everyone in the group. 

When this revamped mastermind opens, it will include:

  • Access to content from me every month. This is where I share my own evolving writing and publishing process with you. Learn from my mistakes and wins.
  • Quarterly conference calls to help everyone feel connected and inspired.
  • Two PERSONALIZED check-ins for accountability. Each month you'll get one text (or preferred messaging app) and one email from me, checking in to see how your writing is going. This kind of individual attention is rare in the world of online writing communities. It's powerful for your motivation and mindset to know someone is going to check in with you to see how your goals are going.
  • Unlimited text and email access to me for as long as you are subscribed. Go ahead and respond to those check-ins I just mentioned with your questions, challenges, or wins!
  • My BOOK WRITING PLAN -- the guide you need to help you breathe life into the book that is inside of you and quickly, joyfully write it with ease. 
  • The chance to share your writing and publishing wins and challenges monthly in the group so we can celebrate together, creating meaningful communication and support.
  • An intimate gathering place for wholehearted authorprenuers interested in independent publishing and passive income. A great place to find authors to befriend and share work with.

Plus, I'm adding a free bonus:

Master Class Workshop: Get to Best Seller [value: $199]

Where I break down exactly how I got to Amazon Best Seller status and you can too. In this master class workshop, you'll find out the details that will help you:

  • Aim for best seller status right from the start -- even before and during your writing process
  • Time the launch of your book ideally to maximize your chances of becoming an Amazon Best Seller
  • How to use promotional tools to help you get the word out about your book
  • How to use your Amazon Best Seller status to sell more books and make more money

A great mastermind is priceless because you can achieve anything with the right support. I've designed this group to be my dream online writing and publishing mastermind. I think it will be your cup of tea too.

The price for this beta run of Wealthy Writers Mastermind will be only $39/month.

Join the waitlist below to stay in the loop and find out when we'll be opening the group.

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Questions? Email me at Hello@GenevieveParkerHill.com.