Blogging on Simple Living and Supporting Creatives

Hi, I'm Genevieve. I'm a:

  • travel lover, 
  • packing expert,
  • decluttering aficionado,
  • Amazon #1 best-selling author,
  • coach and cheerleader to other writers
  • Student of creativity
  • blogger, 
  • and well, compulsive list-maker.

On my blog over at Simple Living Toolkit, I write about an experience-over-stuff lifestyle. 

I've gathered a community of people who think life is more about experience and presence than it is about acquiring lots of stuff.

Are you interested in decluttering for more joyful experiences? If you answered yes... 

The tips inside this freebie will turn turn things around in three days. It's called the 3-Day Decluttering Challenge.

Creative? Yay!

If you're interested in the creative life, writing, and maybe hiring me as your writing coach, stick around on this site.

Check out:

  • The work with me page, to learn how to get a free checklist for writers to help get you moving from blank page to published book and more!
  • Be part of my exciting relaunch of my book The Wealthy Creative by learning more on the book's Amazon page:



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