Your Particular Ray of Light

Why are you questioning yourself? I know you are deeply creative. So what's holding you back from unlocking the deeper joy that comes from a rich and gutsy creative life?

Maybe you're a closet creative. You're sitting in your room alone making things that no one will ever see. It's for your benefit only. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that. Except, well, it's not as fun and fulfilling as sharing. You were created to share. It's a biological, emotional, and spiritual drive. Plus, to share is to love.

You've listened to me. You've cleared out your closet. You've decluttered toxic influences. And now you have space to create. What will you make? 

I want you to feel joyful, friend. Fulfilled. Challenged. Healthy and wealthy and loving your life. If you're there already, you probably don't need a coach (or more likely, you already have a coach and support system).

If you aren't there right now, what's getting in the way of your freedom? What obstacle stands between you and designing the creative life of your wildest dreams?

I bet it's fear. It always comes down to fear. 

  • Fear of criticism
  • Fear people won't like you
  • Fear of looking like a fool
  • Fear that someone will steal your identity, stalk you, or kill you.

If you shine your own unique light, some people will criticize you. Some won't like you. You'll look like a fool sometimes. People will certainly try to steal from you.  And yes, it's even possible that a deranged soul may stalk you or try to kill you. Just ask anyone who ever wrote something world-changing, tried to lead a revolution, or performed on a global stage. It's fucking scary to step into your calling. 

But you must. You must. The world needs your particular ray of light. Turned on. Bright as possible. You are not a coward. You know what courage is and you wield it daily. Nancy Anderson writes, "Courage is not the absence of fear; rather it is the ability to take action in the face of fear."  I know you are courageous. So why do I get the feeling that you are shrinking away from a wealthy creative life? Please tell me, friend. Email