Travel The World Indefinitely Packing List

To: Everywhere and AnywhereTrip Duration: Undefined

This is the dream list, not the real list. I enjoy variety in clothes and shoes too much to be this minimalist, but I'm getting here one step at a time and one multi-use item discovery at a time.

The Two Bags

  • One carry on size back pack
  • One cross-body smaller bag, purse, or hip-bag for holding money, papers, small camera, etc.


  • Small laptop/netbook, cables, extra battery
  • All necessary adapters and battery chargers
  • Small camera & case
  • Phone/Ipad/Iphone /kindle? For entertainment, reading, skyping?
  • Doorstop alarm (or plastic door stop)
  • Earphones/headphones
  • Kindle and charger

Random But Important

  • Passport (with copies of all documents with trusted folks back hom)
  • Credit cards/debit cards
  • Cash
  • ID
  • Travel documents
  • Paper notebook
  • Pencil, pen
  • Jumping rope or parachute cable
  • Can opener
  • Flashlight
  • Small matches
  • Granola bar
  • 2-3 gallon ziploc bags
  • Very small cable lock
  • Small travel candle
  • Vitamins and/or emercenG
  • Scissors
  • tape


  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush
  • Fingernail clippers (share)
  • Comb
  • Solid shampoo/soap from Lush
  • Razor for shaving
  • Sexessories
  • Lip balm - burts bees spf 8 (share)
  • Tweezers
  • Face/body wipes (share)
  • Solid perfume
  • Travel GLO brush
  • GLO basic makeup pressed powder
  • Solid eyeliner- brown
  • GLO quadri-color eyes and cheeks
  • Band-aids (share)
  • Advil (share)
  • Eyebrow comber/thin brush
  • Small, super-absorbent towel (share)
  • Lunette
  • Pantiliners


 Liquids (limited)

  • Hair conditioner for hair and shaving
  • Nail polish
  • Jojoba oil (trader joes) for moisturizing
  • Toothpaste (share)
  • Waterproof Mascara
  • Face cleanser (share)
  • Acne spot cream
  • Small concealer
  • SPF (recomended riemann once a day spf 20) (share)
  • Neosporin (share)

Wardobe - Medium Climate


  • One strapless bra
  • One sports bra that doubles as a bikini top
  • One regular bra (wear)
  • Four pairs of underwear, one that doubles as a bikini bottom (wear one)
  • Three pairs of light-weight socks
  • black stockings, one pair


  • Inexpensive/hard to steal jewelry
  • Lightweight hair accessories/headbands
  • Hair bands
  • Hair pins
  • Watch
  • Running shoes
  • Ballet Flats (good for walking)
  • Medium weight scarf
  • One warm hat
  • Belt in the same color as my ballet flats
  • Sunglasses


  • Black tee
  • Black skirt
  • Black icebreaker bodyfit crew top
  • Nightgown
  • Long colorful broomstick skirt (wear as skirt or dress)
  • Light-weight jeans
  • yoga pants - dark color
  • Black workout shorts
  • One quick-drying workout top
  • One spagetti strap tank top
  • One long (tunic-dress) tee shirt
  • One tank top
  • Light weight trench coat with waterproof coating for travel
  • Emergency rain pain poncho (plastic)

Cold and/or Wet Climate Alterations

  • Boots instead of ballet flats (boots with caribiners)
  • Additional two pairs of heavy socks
  • Waterproof jacket with hood or warmer rain poncho
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Heavier weight scarf
  • Additional vest like ExOfficia women's convertible vest
  • Switch out warm cap to a extra warm hat with ear area warmth
  • Thermal underwear (long johns)
  • Switch out nightgown for warm pajama set

Hot Climate and/or Beach/Tropical Alterations

  • Flipflops instead of ballet flats
  • Additional swimsuit
  • Sarong/scarf instead of medium weight scarf
  • Sun hat instead of warm hat
  • Skip long yoga/travel pants

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What About You?

Is there anything I left off that you think should be on there? Could you travel with this list? Need more? Need less?