Minimizing Makeup

Happiness is a light makeup bag.

In my previous packing list, I blithely skipped over listing out individual items in the toiletry department, as most packing lists do. I shall be different, and give you the details. Anyone who wears makeup might want to see what's in my bag.Caroline McGraw  of A Wish Come Clear writes, "I’ve lessened my ‘need’ for specialty products and reconsidered cosmetics. For now, my look is simply this: moisturizer with SPF, tweezed brows, curled lashes, a touch of lipstick (or tinted Burt’s Bees balm), a little concealer and vanilla extract for ‘perfume’. You don’t need tons of makeup to look beautiful, and you can care for yourself (and the planet!) with less. There is elegance and class in going low-maintenance."Inspired, I decided to simplify my makeup routine. I do love makeup. I love playing with it. It's all a fun, artistic experiment that allows me to be vain, which I enjoy.  But stuff is suffering. Happiness is a light makeup bag. So I experimented and the results are that I've whittled down my daily use make up products to this very small grouping that make me feel  pretty, smart (because of how many multi-use items are here) and light-of-bag:

  • 1. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 30: Sunscreen is an always-must-use. Every single day. I make sure to put a double dose it on places that face the noon sun: the top of my nose, my shoulders, and my boobs on a perky day. I'm looking for a better sun cream since this one smells chemically and feels bad on my skin.
  • 2. Concealer: This is a little container of the remainder of a large tube I had before I left. It is Sheer Tint Base from Glo. A little goes a long way. The original tube lasted over a year. I really like this product.
  • 3. Vaseline: The Queen of multi-use products.
  1. I use this on my lips before lip color,
  2. Then I blend a little lip color with some Vaseline in my palm and use it as a cheek stain.
  3.  I use it to groom my brows.
  4. I use it on small cuts or dry hangnails.
  5. I use it to remove eye make up.
  • 1. Red color stick: This is an organic Zuzu Luxe lipliner in Hazelnut that I bought at Whole Foods in LA. It works great on top of Vaseline on the lips and as a cheek stain when blended with Vaseline.
  • 2. Eyelash curler: Revlon, I think.
  • 3. Brow Tweezers: Revlon. Also good for splinters and picking up very tiny things.
  • 4. Brow/eye liner brush tool: I can use this to groom my browns and remove clumps of mascara. I use the other end to apply:
  • 5. Gel eyeliner: Maybelline Eye Studio, in brown. I just smudge it on with the small slanted brush mentioned above and it seems somewhat waterproof.
  • 6. Rimmel Volume Accelerator Mascara: In extreme black. Ick. I don't like this formula. It clumps my lashes together. When I run out I will try something else.
  • 7. GloMinerals Revive Hydration Mist: This is a luxury item that my sister gave me, but for me it replaces powder as a setting agent and feels much better than powder in this hot, dry season. It smells and feels nice to spritz on at the end of doing make up.

Perfume to me does not count as make up. I'll have to do another post about my perfume needs, er, desires.

Finally, these are the products I use daily, but I brought more with me, and I haven't gotten rid of them… yet. I don't know if I will since, like jewelry, cosmetics don't take up much space and provide variety in looks when one's clothing choices are slim due to bag space.