Sun and Snow

I'll be flying back to Israel tomorrow, so I'm posting a day early and with a short and sweet self-congratulatory weather post.I returned from visiting family in Florida on Saturday. Florida (the Melbourne area) was warm, sunny, and beautiful. My aunt treated me to a massage and a trip to a hair salon. Thanks Aunt Kelly! Mostly, I just had a wonderful time visiting with my grandparents and aunt and uncle, walking on the beach, and sipping green smoothies poolside on the lanai.
Meanwhile, back in Ramallah, poor Prince Charming was stuck at home while it looked like this outside.
Before we moved to the area, we heard that it almost never snows there. Well, apparently this is one of the worst winters to hit in a long time. There was also a windstorm so strong it blew out windows in Charming's office building.  That's what I'm headed back to tomorrow.  It's going to be a lot different than:
But of course it's all worth it to be reunited with my man. By the time most of you read this, I'll be in the air, so send some good thoughts my way for smooth and worry-free travels. The trip will involve: 1 rental car,  three airplanes, a bus or two, and either a taxi or company car depending on what's available for Charming to pick me up in.Drop a line in the comments below to tell me about the weather in your part of the world. It seems like it's unusual in a lot of places right now.